A date with a Trojan

James' thoughts / 8th October 2015

Rory is an ex rugby international and is often seen on TV as a sports pundit.

Rory wanted a suit swiftly as it is coming up to the rugby world cup and he know he needs to look good in front of the cameras and represent Scotland not only with his knowledge but appearance too.

At James Palombo our suit construction turn around is one of the fastest in the industry and we knew we could meet Rory’s tough demands with out compromising style.

We had to cater for Rory’s large rugby shoulders and slim waist so as not to make the suit appear as if it were a kite of some sorts.

We added a sloping shoulder instead of roped and allowed for a little room at the back which could be taken in if necessary on the second fitting.

The day we delivered the suit Rory had been working out and his shoulders looked as though they had grown over night. Because Rory chose a hand finished suit it allowed the garment to give flexibility and movement in the body.

Even though we like Rory we will still be rooting for England!

Rory is wearing navy faux uni​ cloth with slim cut