A Suit for Spanish Weather

Our Clients / 9th May 2016

John Thomson, the Director of the Marbella Club hotels in Spain, recently appointed James Palombo to make him a suit. He required a suit ideal for the summer evenings on the Spanish coast, one that was light and would withstand John’s busy schedule managing hotels and meeting clients. John, who previously purchased suits from retail stores, wanted a bespoke suit that would have the perfect fit for some of his up and coming business and formal events.

“I found the experience of James Palombo professional and fascinating. During the initial consultation, I had to opportunity of selecting the fabric, colour and style of the suit I would receive as the end product. James was experienced and had in depth knowledge of the whole process, bringing to my attention the finer details of the suit making process.

As I live in Marbella and it was summer, James selected the correct weight and fabric of material, meaning the suit wouldn’t feel to heavy. Wearing it often, the suit dry cleans well and I wear it sometimes throughout the day and the material never crushes or creases. The James Palombo team as a whole were extremely helpful and showed tremendous passion in their work. The package and experience is second to none, I look forward to measuring up again for my next suit.”