Alan Brazil gives his opinion on James Palombo

Our Clients / 12th May 2018

We managed to distract Alan Brazil from the subject of sport for just a moment, to ask him some questions about his experience with James Palombo.

Alan contacted our team late last year in need of a suit. Alan explained to us he has had various tailors in the past who haven’t been able to fit his frame in the exact way that he like it. He had heard from his good footballing friend and ex Tottenham legend Paul Miller who had recently purchased a suit from James Palombo, that we might be able to help.

Here’s what the straight talking talk show host had to say

Where did buy your suits in the past, and what is the comparisons between us and them

“I’ve bought off the peg and also through tailors that have been recommended to me. The difference is that my blazer from James Palombo arrived fitting perfectly, I didn’t need any alterations which is a god send as I’m really busy at the moment with the Euros coming up.”

How has your experience been with us so far?

“Yes I’ve recommended JP to other friends of mine that wear suits around the City and I’ve had some good comments made about my blazer, so my experience has been good.”

How did we do in regards to product knowledge, cloth quality and choice? Was your tailor informative?

“Well this is the only blazer that I’ve ever considered having a more colourful lining. Quality is spot on so I’m happy with the choices that we made together.”

How have you found our customer service?

“Service has been very good, I’d use you again in the future”

How was the finished garment?

“I wear my blazer all the time. It not only looks good but fits and feels really good.”

Anything else they would like to add?

“I’d recommend JP to anyone who first of all is looking for a really easy way to have your suit measured and ordered. Secondly I can’t fault my blazer which is quite rare. The fit, fabric and the service has been first class.”

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