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Introducing London’s finest visiting tailoring service, James Palombo

At James Palombo we understand what it takes to look your very best. Having designed and constructed the very best in men's suits, from grooms and formal occasions to casual weekend jackets, our methods of tailoring and style are unrivalled. Combining traditional methods with a modern twist, our tailors can craft you the perfect suit whatever the occasion may be.

It is the visting aspect of our service that gives our craft that added personal touch. We visit you in a location and at a time that is convenient to you, recognising the busy schedules of the modern day business man, we bring the full comprehensive service of a tailor to meet you whereever works best. Decide your style, cloth and be measured in the comfort of your office or home.

During this initial consultation we advise you as to the merits of various weights and weaves of cloth in order to make certain the garment performs as you want it to. We discuss fit and styles, taking you through all the multitude of design options available and then we add the personal touches, monograms, stitch colours, coloured button holes and meltons.

Combining traditional methods with a modern twist, our tailors can craft you the perfect suit whatever the occasion may be. Explore our range of suits further by exploring our website.

After an initial consultation regarding your suit requirements, possibly including the location and size of a wedding party or the occasion that the suit might be for, we will visit you at your convenience with a range of specially prepared cloths. We can advise you, meeting your tastes and preferences which cloth and style is best suited to your event or needs. The suits are crafted over many hours to give you a perfect fit, whether it be a touch of elegance, flamboyance for a big day or a clean sophisticated look to win over the business meeting. With at least 43 different options, covering shoulder style, lapel width, pocketing and cuff styles, we will make your garment just exactly as you envisaged it – and we can give you plenty of style inspiration. Whatever your style, our highly skilled tailors will combine time-honoured traditions with top-class service to give you a suit that you will hold in the highest esteem for years to come.

"It is not just the attention to detail in our handcrafted suits that we hold as a strong underpinning value of our company, but the attention we pay to our clients on every visit we make."
James Palombo

Our service at James Palombo is one of convenience, with a personal touch. Getting in touch to enquire about an appointment allows us to speak with you regarding your thoughts and requirements for the suit you are looking for. If this is a service that is of interest to you, click the link below and a tailor will be in touch.

Let us handcraft you the perfect suit

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