stunningly elegant

At James Palombo we cater for a platitude of styles and tastes, there is nothing that cannot be done to ensure you have your garment made exactly how you envisaged it. With a wide range of choices to be made from shoulder style, lapel width, pocketing and cuff styles among the 43 differing options for your garment we are able to make your suit as individual as you.

Your Suit, Your Choice*

  • Shoulders

    Here we have a roped shoulder style which is a traditional english look that adds a natural border to the shoulder line of the jacket, you can opt for a soft shoulder for more drape in the way the jacket sit over the shoulder or even padded to give them a slight lift if needed.

  • Full Canvassing

    All of our suits come are fully-canvassed which is the best possible construction. Not only does a full floating canvas made from horse hair emits a richer look and more structured feel, but it's also the most durable and flexible approach. It allows the jacket to naturally conform to your body's shape and keep it that way, while allowing the suit to breath and feel lighter even with the heaviest cloths.

  • Waisted cut

    Again a more European look, by cutting more shape through the abdomen of the jacket we elongate and slim your profile creating a more flattering shape and look

  • Lapels

    Lapel choices can move with the times. we have exampled a slightly wider than standard lapel that are currently in vogue they look great with a high notch giving that traditional english finish to the jacket. our customers enjoy a range of styles and whether you choose peaked, standard or slim lapels we will construct a one off piece exactly how you want it.

  • Hand rolled lapels

    Give shape and depth to the lapels, irradiating the flat and lifeless cardboard cut out look seen on so many of today's less salubrious garments

*diagram above is example of just some options

Fully Bespoke

For those who only want the very best...James Palombo London offers a range of fully handmade garments. In co-operation with our European workshops we are able to combine their amazing talents and time honoured traditions with our 21st century way of working and meet the fast delivery times we set ourselves. The result are a range of machine finished, hand finished and fully handmade suits, they can be half or fully canvassed of exceptional quality with the reliability, consistency and service for which we are known. Whichever cloth you choose, whether it is the very best or simply one that you love, rest assured our pricing is clear and transparent for every garment.