John Thompson Fitting

Our Work / 28th April 2015

One of the great things about my job is that I get to spend time with genuinely nice people, successful people with a drive and ambition that’s infectious, one of these guys I had the pleasure of meeting today, John Thompson.

John is the driving force behind Small Luxury Hotels of the World, The Marbella Club Hotel and Uni restaurant in Londons Belgravia and is now an avid James Palombo fan. We worked with John today to make him a lightweight suit that would be comfortable in the summer warmth of Marbella and that would travel well in a classic English cut.

John, being the gentleman he is also treated us to lunch at Uni and I cannot recommend the food and service highly enough! Set in the heart of Belgravia Uni offers a fusion of Peruvian flavours with sushi and the black cod is amazing!!

John chose our house style with a half lined jacket to further enhance the lightweight nature of this garment, an Italian “Tropical” cloth with my favourite fancy lining, keep an eye out for when we post pictures of the fitting it’s going to be a beauty!!