Making a smart casual look work for work!

Our Thoughts / 22nd April 2016

Something we hear increasingly from guys in the City is ‘What’s acceptable on smart casual?’

The casual look is becoming more and more regular in the office but gentlemen, this is does not mean you must absolutely start donning those worn jeans, lumberjack shirt and hiking boots (you know who you are!)
Proven in several studies, women and men alike perform better at work and have a higher rate of success if they feel comfortable and confident – especially in what they’re wearing.

A simple, well-fitting blazer or sports jacket can do just the trick. Just like your suit, the drape, construction and choice of cloth are key to making this work.

The fit

Just like your suit jacket, you want to go for something waisted, sitting correctly on the shoulders.

Just a tip

Keep the jacket length a tad shorter than what you may wear as a suit, overall it’ll be more flattering on your shape and make you appear taller.

Construction & Cloth

If you are getting your Sports jacket tailor made, ensure you are getting a canvassed garment. A full floating canvass – the skeleton of any suit or jacket – will make it breathable, drape better on the body and feel lighter than any fused, factory made jacket. Fusing is a way of mass producing garments using synthetic materials and glue – not great when you’re running to meetings on the public transport!

If you are a ‘sports jacket virgin’, keep it simple when choosing your cloth. A deep navy blue or a mid-grey works with pretty much any colour, and won’t offend the more conservative chaps in the office. To avoid clashing, keep the lining simple, for the days you feel like rocking that colourful print shirt or bright jumper that’s been lurking in the back of your wardrobe.

What to wear with your new look – Easy. Sports jackets work brilliantly with jeans (let’s keep away from the ripped 20 year old Levi’s though!). Chino’s are always a no brainer, but for that uber smart look, a pair of grey or blue flannel trousers and a lighter tone shirt (tie not obligatory) work like magic.