Solving Those Trouser Problems

Our Thoughts / 25th April 2018

Time and time again we see clients who have used bepoke tailoring before and 8/10 will always proclaim various problems with their trousers.

Now its time to understand what you need to know when buying or having trousers made for you.
All of this is subjective and down to preference but I want to list a few key elements that can help you limit irritations:

First suit trousers are supposed to sit slightly higher than jeans, this is for comfort, fit and improves the drape of the legs. If you find that your waistband starts to slip down at the front and your shirt continually becomes untucked and your forever pulling your trousers up there is a simple solution to your problem.
This situation can occur if you have a larger waistline (in the politest manner) therefore, any good tailor should be considering the cut of the rise, in the circumstance below we would approximate the amount that we would reduce the rise and the front and simple increase it at the back giving the trouser complete stability and iron out all of the pressure on the front of the waist band.

Secondly if your trouser wear heavily in the crotch request a forked enhanced cloth within the area for more strength and durability, any professional tailor should ask this question in initial consultation.

Last but by far not the least if you don’t use your back pockets don’t have them.
This can improve the overall shape and feel of the trousers especially when sat down, and you have less chance of pocket flap irritation and less bulky accessories you can put in your suit the better.

When you have your first consultation with us we will go into extreme detail on what’s right for you and our expert advice will go along away in making those perfect fitting trousers you’ve always longed for.

And please use the small change pocket inside the right hand trouser pocket!