The beginning of our Journey

James' thoughts / 22nd May 2015

“We assume you’re writing a blog James?”

“A blog?”

“Yes, you know a blog about you, about your life, about tailoring, telling people about your week with amusing anecdotes, style advice and practical tips?”

“Er.. No”

The room falls silent as if I’ve just called into question evolution! There is pure shock written over the faces of our new PR team as they come to terms with the fact that they are dealing with a technically inept, social media backward dinosaur from the age of Rainbow, Walkmans and Madonna (the first time around). I can see the fear in their eyes as if to say “we’ve got our work cut out here”

“But of course I can start one tomorrow no problem! I say, lying through my teeth!

But here I am writing this having found out what a blog is on my tube journey home so I guess even the jurassic of us can still learn new things and I guess that’s what I’d like to do with this “blog” (terrible word by the way) and that’s tell you about what I do, how we do it, offer some advice from what I’ve seen over the years and also tell you some of the wonderful and amazing things I’ve seen during my 12 years as a tailor, and there’s been a few!

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m James Palombo, owner of James Palombo Bespoke and we are a small company with big, big plans! We are currently a visiting only tailors but will be opening our first London showroom very soon. We have a new website and as you can gather, a PR team that is going to help us showcase why what we do is so special!

In my opinion (perhaps I shouldn’t be so opinionated )= the visiting tailoring industry is fundamentally flawed, outdated and the garments and service are not of the standard they should be. We are changing that! We are offering the highest quality garments, handcut and fully canvassed which offer real value for money with fast delivery times and the professional service you would expect from a luxury brand. London lawyers, bankers and brokers have had their expectations dumbed down over the years and the plethora of visiting tailors without the correct knowledge and skills of the industry is quite frankly appalling!

Let’s get real people, if you want a bespoke suit then your going to pay a premium, and if someone says they’re going to give you a bespoke suit for £400 then it isn’t bespoke. Fact!

I will be using this blog to relate to you my knowledge, give you an understanding of what makes a truly great suit, how you maintain your garments and answering any questions you might have as well as telling so crazy stories from my travels!

I look forward to our journey.

James Palombo