The Breakfast Meeting

Our Thoughts / 16th May 2015

Cecconis Eggs Benedict is to men what a well dressed man is to women!

A lovely start to the day with our wonderful PR team and at the wonderful Cecconis restaurant in Londons West End. Whilst I always love a breakfast meeting I am always concerned, worried, petrified in fact that there might be some kind of mishap, especially when eggs are involved! You see “the breakfast meet,” whilst a nice gentle start to the day, is usually the first of 5 or 6 meetings per day, it’s generally the shortest, the most elegant but definitely the most dangerous! One wrong move with the ketchup bottle, one drop of the butter knife or one squirty egg yolk and one is consigned to the rest of the days meetings with unsightly stains and marks, not the impression of a dapper gent we like to portray! This time I got away unscathed and am looking forward to a full and busy day, however as we all know this is not always the case!

So what do you do?


A damp sponge is an amazing thing! Not only does it repair footballers ankles and knees after a crunching tackle but 9 times out of 10 it can remove virtually any fresh stain. The use of a damp sponge is very under used these days (as is a clothes brush but that’s for another day) and most people automatically head straight for the dry cleaners, don’t do it.

Dry cleaning is the scourge of tailors like us, it literally kills a suit each time you put it in. Especially on well made garments such as ours which only use natural fibres, the chemicals in the cleaning fluid eat at and make brittle the natural wool and hairs, imagine washing your hair in industrial cleaning fluid and you get the picture! My advice therefore is sponge, sponge, sponge and only at the very last resort dry clean.