The Pocket Square

Our Thoughts / 26th January 2016

Wearing a pocket square brings a finishing touch to your outfit, it polishes off the look of a bespoke suit and gives you the opportunity to add a different detail to your suit every time you wear it.
Not only is it a fashion accessory that adds colour to your attire, it also provides a unique freshness which will contribute to the sophistication and elegance that comes with wearing a bespoke suit.

Whether you choose a plain, patterned or even multi coloured square, there are several different ways to wear one:

The Straight Fold

This is an easily achievable fold resulting in a just small rectangle showing out of your suit pocket. It can be created by folding the square in half and then bringing the bottom towards the top but not folding it up all the way. Then simply fold into thirds horizontally for it to slide into your suit pocket.

The One Corner Fold

This fold is slightly more interesting as it leaves you with a small triangle of fabric peaking out of your pocket. To start with, lay the square flat with a corner at the top so it is diamond shaped. Take the bottom corner to join the top creating a triangle. Then take the left corner of this triangle and bring it over to the right side, repeat with the right over to the left. You should now have a rectangular shape with a triangle point at the top. Then it is simply a case of folding the bottom up, but not all the way, and positioning in your suit pocket.

The Puff Fold

This is a simple yet effective way of wearing a pocket square. Very easy to create, lay the
square flat, pinch the middle and hold firmly. With the other hand gather up the bottom of
the pocket square and place it into your suit, adjust until you have a finished look you are
happy with.