The Solicitor Gives His Verdict

Our Clients / 18th May 2018

In March this year Scott Ewing, a Principal Solicitor Law in the City appointed James Palombo to make him a suit, ideal for the office and client meetings. We received this feedback from Scott, which he welcomed us to share on our website. This case study demonstrates how we work with our clients, upholding a personal touch to our service unlike any other visiting tailor.

I would like to strongly recommend James Palombo Tailors.

I have had a lifetime’s experience in the ‘Rag Trade’ as my Father was involved his whole career in clothing manufacturing. I had also used the same tailor for many years until approximately 2 years ago when sadly the quality and all round performance levels dropped off dramatically and I stopped using them.

Until 4 months ago to replace my suits, casual jackets and shirts I would simply use high end shops such as Armani and the like. However, the all-round experience was never the same. I was then referred to James Palombo. I was reluctant at first to use another Tailor but my reticence was wholly misplaced. I am now in love again with high-end personal Bespoke Tailoring.

Nothing is too much trouble and their undoubted in-depth knowledge, customer care and quality craftsmanship has resulted in me parting with significantly more money on their wear than I probably need but the temptation was too great.

For my first few suits I allowed them to advise me on what colours, shape and texture best complemented my body shape and for what purpose I wanted the individual suits for. As a consequence, unlike before, my wife now believes I have great taste.

The initial advice, fittings and delivery times have all been spot on and as a result I have passed on their details with a personal recommendation to those I know within the legal, business and sporting world.

A great team of guys who are a joy to work with.

Scott Ewing
Principal Solicitor